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Tenants Services

Here at Bracewells we pride ourselves on providing excellent tenant to all properties. We use Homelet Referencing Sevices to perform all tenants referencing on behalf of Bracewells.
Being a leading market provider, we have a good selection of properties to choose from and, if the calibre of the property you are looking for is not on the market, let us know your exact requirements and one of our team will attempt to source properties to your taste.
With our expert local knowledge and experience of the market, we are able to provide you with advice on locations best suited to your needs.

Your budget is obviously very important and it doesn’t pay to overstretch your finances. The referencing company we use work on the basis of your annual earnings being 30 times the proposed monthly rental amount. If you require a guarantor this should be a UK based home owner.

The usual tenancy agreement is for a period of 12 months, although it can be longer. If agreeable with the landlord we can insert a break clause after 6 months.
Consider beginning your search approximately 6 weeks prior to your ideal move date.
We look forward to helping you find your new home.

We discovered Bracewells this past Spring when we moved to North London from the United States. They were absolutely brilliant at finding us a flat and working with us to speed through the application and qualifying process so we could move in quickly and out of the hotel we were staying in I’d call them outstanding. — Michele Furlong


Arrangement of the application including the tenancy agreement. To cover checking the credit score, previous landlord, current employer and any other relevant information to assist in assessing the affordability of the application.

The application will be closely monitored by one of our experts to ensure the smooth co-ordination of the process.
£200.00 (Inc VAT) per person


If a guarantor is required there will be additional charge to cover checking the credit score, current employment and any other relevant information to assist in assessing the affordability and suitability of the application.

£36.00 per person (i.e. £30.00 + VAT)


This applies if you request to move in within 2 business days of of your offer. This will prioritise your application.
£180.00 (i.e. £150.00 + VAT)


If a tenant wishes to leave the property mid-term and replace themselves on the contract, then most of the administrative process will need to be conducted again. The fee is to include the issue of a new tenancy agreement to all parties. the inclusion of the new tenant/s and the re-registration of the deposit.
£240.00 (£200 + vat)


Should you require a need for a written reference for confirmation of your tenancy and how this was conducted, a charge will be applicable.
£48.00 (i.e. £40.00 + VAT)


Inventory fees from £130.00. This is not applicable on all properties. The tenant will pay either the ingoing or the outgoing and the the landlord will pay for the other.


Unpaid Rent / Returned Payments:
£36 (i.e. £30.00 + VAT) every 14 days the rent remains unpaid plus interest at 8% above Bank of England Base Rate from date due.

Professional Cleaning (if required)
Up to a maximum of £480 (i.e. £400.00 + VAT) which will be deducted from the Security Deposit. This is only charged where professional cleaning is necessary to return the property to the same condition as at the start of the tenancy. This amount will vary depending on the size and condition of the property.


An advance Holding Deposit payment is required prior to putting an offer forward to the landlord. The holding deposit is deductible from the first month’s rent, should the offer be accepted. Should the offer be declined by the landlord, the holding deposit will be returned to the applicant. However, should the applicant change their mind after the landlord has agreed to the offer and the administration has begun, the applicant will forfeit the holding deposit.
A six week rental deposit is also required from the tenant. This will be re-imbursed at the end of the tenancy, subject to the details of your agreement and the findings of the inventory check out report.

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